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Wooden by Antoni Tudisco

Have you ever been so hungry that you’ve eaten a wooden hamburger?  You know, some people in the world are starving right now so who are you to turn down free anything? Antoni’s wood-textured designs go against the grain: they serve as digital representations of wood which serves as visual representations of food, shoes, and your beloved Spongebob. In the René Magritte style of storytelling, this is not food, nor shoes, or mutant underwater sponge creatures, nor is it actually a wooden sculpture. But despite their artificial and transitory nature, they still might have made you hungry.

Artist: Behance / Website / Twitter


New portrait by Kumi Yamashita

Mana #2.

The portrait is made from a single unbroken sewing thread wrapped through a dense network of galvanized nails, a process that takes several months.


Achim Menges in collaboration with Steffen Reichert produced the installation entitled HygroScope – Meteorosensitive Morphology at the Centre Pompidou, Paris in 2012. They have created models out of wood that are purposefully designed to interact with moisture found in the air. After years of research they have developed the system called HygroScope. This climate-responsive composite material is comprised of maple veneer and synthetic composites. It responds to humidity in a such a way that the material appears to be “breathing”. The models are displayed in glass cases that can be programed to control the amount of humidity in the air, the composite materials then respond to these environments creating completely unique visual experiences. Please view the video below!

Wooden Electronics by Brainbow

All items available at etsy. Brainbow’s wooden jewelry let’s you wear the forgotten electronics of back in time. Camcorders, record players, cameras that don’t have phones included… Neanderthal dudes sure had it tough.

(Source: ianbrooks)


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