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favourite faces for favourite mythic ladies: Sigyn with Soo Joo Park

She had been born in the brightness of Álfheimr, where days were long and warm, and here she had been happy. Sigyn had never asked to be wife to the fire god, but when the day came she served her duties as they were asked of her. For all his failings as a husband, Loki did give her children, sons that she truly loved. When they were babes in her arms Sif would press her nose into their hair and breathe deeply. Flesh of hers, simply borrowed from Loki; they had his hair, but nothing else was his. They were Sigyn’s sons only.

But they were enough of Loki to be punished for his crimes.

The Aesir read it as love that took Sigyn to Loki’s side as they bound him, took it as a show of wifely loyalty. But love was never a thing they shared, and with sons dead she felt no loyalty in her blood. It was with a silent, spiteful fury that Sigyn eased her husband’s punishments. The choice was not Loki. The choice was simply against Odin. Odin, who murdered her innocent children, who failed (or refused) to see that they were boys of their own, that they were more Sigyn - Sigyn who had always been so loyal to Asgard - than Loki.

And so she tends to her husband because it angers them. She holds the bowl and catches the poison and thinks for long hours on imagined lives for each of her sons. When the bowl fills she turns from Loki to empty it, and his cries and thrashing make her feel no guilt at all.